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Ninja: Shadow of a Tear 2013

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Ninja: Shadow of a Tear 2013

Ninja: Shadow of a Tear Movie Description Ninjitsu master Casey is back and out for revenge when his pregnant wife is murdered. Fight everyone and trust no one: it's the code of survival practiced by martial-arts master Casey Bowman after his life of domestic bliss is shattered by a savage act of violence. Vowing revenge, the fearless American stealthily tracks the killer from Osaka to Bangkok to Rangoon with the help of a wise and crafty sensei. His only clues: a series of victims whose necks bear the distinctive mark of strangulation by barbed wire. Fighting to avenge as well as to survive, Casey must sharpen his razor-like responses and take his battle skills to the next level, even using deep meditation to fake his own death. His target: the sinister drug lord Goro, who is flooding the streets with deadly meth cooked at his remote jungle factory. To prepare for his ultimate confrontation, Casey must finally become an invisible warrior worthy of the name Ninja. But just when his prey is cornered, an unexpected twist shows Casey that his battle is only beginning: he truly can trust no one. more about Ninja: Shadow of a Tear
Movie Genre / Action / Crime / Thriller
Isaac Florentine

Based on 6.2 user ratings
Writers: Ninja: Shadow of a Tear Actors :
Scott Adkins / Kane Kosugi / Mika Hijii / Shun Sugata / Vithaya Pansringarm / Mukesh Bhatt / Tim Man / Jawed El Berni / Saichia Wongwirot / Shogo Tanikawa / Futoshi Hashimoto / Charlie Ruedpokanon / Kazu Patrick Tang / Yasuhiko Miyauchi / Surawoot Spiratana
Ninja: Shadow of a Tear Actors & Characters:
Scott Adkins as Casey / Kane Kosugi as Nakabara / Mika Hijii as Namiko / Shun Sugata as Goro / Vithaya Pansringarm as General Sung / Mukesh Bhatt as Mike / Tim Man as Myat / Jawed El Berni as Lucas / Saichia Wongwirot as Suu / Shogo Tanikawa as Assistant Instructor / Futoshi Hashimoto as Toji / Charlie Ruedpokanon as Thug #1 / Kazu Patrick Tang as Thug #2 / Yasuhiko Miyauchi as Shopkeeper / Surawoot Spiratana as SPDC Guard
Ninja: Shadow of a Tear Relase Date: Ninja: Shadow of a Tear Duration:
95 min
Ninja: Shadow of a Tear Movie Audio
Release Year:
Bangkok, Thailand
Language :
English / Japanese
Made By Company:
Millennium Films / Swingin' Productions